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As a theatre group, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality training to our students. We believe that our approach to teaching, which emphasizes not only technical skills but also creativity, empathy and collaboration, sets us apart from others in the industry. Through our commitment to excellence, we have helped countless aspiring actors to realize their full potential and achieve success in the industry. 

Our Focus

The Essential Components of Great Acting

We focus on developing these components in our students to help them become well-rounded actors capable of delivering compelling and authentic performances.

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Manoj Verma

Founder & Director

Utkarsha Naik

Founder & Director

Vimal Verma

Executive Director

three steps to success

Our Unique Three-Step Process for Acting Training

At Ambrosia Theatre Group, we have developed a unique three-step process for actor training that is designed to help aspiring actors reach their full potential. Our process is focused on developing well-rounded actors who are skilled in all aspects of the craft


Individual Evaluation

To identify areas for improvement and tailor our training to meet each actor’s specific needs


Hitting the Obstacles

Focus on helping actors overcome obstacles found in individual evaluation, whether they are technical, emotional, or logistical


Achieving Excellence

After overcoming obstacles, our actors are equipped to achieve excellence in their performances

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Our acting class is designed to help you unlock your creativity and master the art of acting. Enroll in our upcoming acting class and unleash your full potential on stage

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